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Are you and your Littles sitting at home with nothing to do? Bring them into our studio. Everyday we are creating something new. Crafting, painting, customizing, and making messes are just a small part of all the services we offer. In Art Club We have a wide range of experiences for you to choose from as well as crafts you can master. We want everyone to feel right at home. Desire to do something you don’t see in our services, book a consultation. We are guaranteed to strive to bring your vision to life. You are amazing and deserve to be treated amazing everyday.

Dress for a mess every time you enter our studio doors. 

Art Club members will discover many styles of art and art approaches through experimentation, trial and error, and self-expression. 

Art Club members will have free entrance to our Fun Fridays and do not require a ticket purchase to partake in the festivities. 

Art Club Members will have the option to showcase their talents and artworks on Fridays. 

what will you create?