Meet the Artist

Mae Brooks is a visual artist who wears many hats as she practices her craft. Mae considers herself to be a self taught artist, “because this is a gift that was bestowed upon me since the age of 5. No one sees the world like I do.”

Dealing With Challenges

She stepped out of the dark and into the light after battling a condition which left her disabled. Mae refused to settle and accept the conditions that were placed on her and decided to turn to the only help she knew. Her belief in God and the gift He’s given her transformed her thoughts and will to get better. Through art, Mae has been able to cope with the chronic conditions she faces daily.

Mae’s support team includes, but is not limited to, her husband Larry Brooks, her nine children, her mother, and siblings.

Teaching and Guiding Children

During Mae’s journey, she has worked as a Daycare and Preschool teacher at the schools Planz Elementary, Granite Pointe Elementary, Palla Elementary, Plantation Elementary, and Valle Verde Elementary. Mae has also worked in group homes for troubled youth at places like Kern Bridges and Art of Tru light.

Along with Mae’s practical expertise in working with children, she took 84 units of Child Development classes and worked at the Bakersfield College Child Development Center where she worked along side the teachers and with the “littles”.

Mae's latest project is working to found Sketch2reality, to give back to her community and bring her teachings to life. Mae is in the process of creating an umbrella where she can utilize all her talents under one healthy roof. Her vision? A safe place where children, as well as adults suffering from chronic pain, disabilities, depression can come to destress, cope, create, and heal. “With art, I plan to help others heal in any and all areas of their life.”


Mae is the founder and owner of SketchNstudio and in future, she will also be administrator and instructor at Sketch2reality.

Mae Brooks working at an easel