Camp Breakdown

Welcome to our very first camp!

We are excited to have you. We have a fun-filled curriculum guaranteed to help your child advance in their artistry during Spring Break. Enjoy discussing artworks with your child by learning Open-ended questions to ask to keep your child the 3 E’s. Engaged, Encouraged, and Excited. Each camp provides the opportunity for students to experiment will various art making approaches.

Group sessions, as well as drop in rates are available to you. Sign up for one camp or multiple camps. Registration for camp is now open. Guardians must come into the studio to sign up. $50 deposit holds your spot. Remainder balance due 1 week prior to camp start date.

No Experience is required to join our camp. Early drop-offs or late pick-ups are not permitted and will result in an additional fee at $1.00/minute. Drop off opportunities will only be extended to Sketch2Reality Students and teens.

For our camp, parents are encouraged to be on the premises. Ex: visiting neighboring businesses during instruction, (sitting N-studio is not permitted). All supplies are included. Space is limited and if the camps are full, please don’t hesitate to speak with Artist Mae to find an alternative.

Studio Rules for Camp:

  • Do not touch art on walls
  • Studio staff will redirect misbehavior
  • No horseplay or running allowed in area of the main studio floor 

* You are allowed to take photographs of your child only